The Terroir

The Le Pottier Vineyards: where soil, grapes and climate combine to produce authentic wines.

Grape varieties

Our 31.5 hectares of vineyard are planted with local grape varieties :

  • Merlot 60 %
  • Cabernet sauvignon 30 %
  • Cabernet franc 10%


Modern winery with stainless steel vats and temperature control. 3 to 5 week vatting period using micro-oxygenation to develop suppleness and roundness. Our Prestige wine is aged in oak barrels for up to one year.


Our red wine: a beautiful, very dark burgundy colour, with the great vintages being almost black. Fruit notes on the nose and a good, balanced tannin structure in the mouth. This is a wine that can be drunk immediately or left to mature for several years in the cellar.
Our rosé wine: a round, fruity wine to be drunk within 2 years.

0 years have passed since the redevelopment of the vineyard. Today the Le Pottier vineyards are proud to perpetuate the wine-making traditions of Bordeaux in order to bring you quality wines and an environmentally friendly approach.