The History

The Le Pottier Vineyards: where soil, grapes and climate combine to produce authentic wines.

A house, a history

the memory of a family from a different place


This Girondine house was built in 1914 but only completed in 1919, victim of the Great War.
Subsequent generations developed the vineyard during the good years of the first part of the 20th century.


However, in 1956 the crisis and the frost killed the love the last owner had for his vines: 40 hectares of red and white wine. This man, who had no heirs, abandoned the fruit of this clay soil laden with limestone and silica.
The sun, the rain and the wind forgot the vineyard…


In 1979 the LE POTTIER family, of Breton and Dutch descent, moved into the bare property and, after much reflection, planted their first vines on the slopes in 1986.

The present day

Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, the chateau has found its equilibrium, its efficiency to bring you the best wines it can.

40 years have passed since the redevelopment of the vineyard. Today the Le Pottier vineyards are proud to perpetuate the wine-making traditions of Bordeaux in order to bring you quality wines and an environmentally friendly approach.